At Franklin Shooting Supplies we do more than just sell guns,
we are also available for incoming and outgoing firearm transfers.


* We only receive guns shipped from other FFL holders.

* The Shipper must provide in the package A current copy of his FFL License and the name and phone number of the person that is going to pick it up.

* Customer must pick the gun up within a week of them being contacted.

* Transfer fee for this transaction is $25.00 for Long Guns and $35.00 for Hand Guns.

* multiple guns transferred at the same time may be discounted


* We only ship to FFL dealers and manufacturers

* The receiving dealer must provide a copy of a current FFL prior to shipping

* Transfer fee for this transaction is $25.00 for Long Guns and $35.00 for Hand Guns.

* All shipment will go USPS. If it has to go FedEx or UPS, there is additional charges.

* Customer pays the cost of shipping, insurance and packaging materials.


* The original owner needs to bring the gun in that will be transferred. There is a $10 transfer fee for this. Bring in a trigger lock with the gun or the person picking up the gun will be sold a trigger lock

* The person the gun will be transferred to will have a background check done at the time of transfer. There will be a $10 charge for this. If a trigger lock did not come in with the gun we will sell you one at this time. This person cannot bring in their own trigger lock for this gun.

This is NYS law.